Eric Bibb & Needed Time - Spirit & The Blues 180g 45rpm 2LP

Eric Bibb, guitar, vocals
Olle Eriksson, bass
Christer Lyssarides, mandolin & bouzouki
Goran Wennerbrandt, bottle neck guitar & guitars
Jenny Bohman & Derrick Walker, harmonica
Bjorn Gideonsson, drums
Special Guests: The Deacons.

LP 1

1. Lonesome Valley
2. In My Father's House
3. Needed Time
4. I Am Blessed
5. Just Keep Goin' On
6. Where Shall I Be
7. Woke Up This Mornin'
8. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me
LP 2
1. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
2. Braggin'
3. Water Under The Bridge
4. Tell Ol' Bill
5. Satisfied Mind
6. Meetin' At The Buildin'
7. Waltz

Recorded January - June, 1994
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