Chris Jones Roadhouses & Automobiles 180g 45rpm 2LP

Pressed On High Quality 180g 45rpm Double LP! Special High Dynamic Vinyl Edition!

Chris Jones - vocals, guitars
Grischka Zepf - electric bass
Siard de Jong - fiddle, mandolin
Nils Tuxen - pedal steel
Martin Huch - pedal steel
Wolfgang Beisert - mandolin
Beo Brockhausen - saxophone, african bow harp
Hans-Jörg Maucksch - fretless bass
Christina Lux - backing vocals
Thomas Klippel - hammond b3
Lutz Möller - piano
Christian Rien - trumpet
Michael Kleinhans - tuba
Yogi Jockusch - percussion
Christian Archontidis - drums

Side A:
1. Roadhouses & Automobiles
2. Thank You (R.J. Reynolds)
Side B:
3. Darlin' Cory
4. No Sanctuary Here
5. Fender Bender

Side C:
1. God Moves On The Water
2. Set 'Em Up, Joe
3. Jolanda's Wedding March
Side D:
4. Hoof Jelly
5. Don't Need Your Religion
6. Cold Creature

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